Glucose Curve

Glucose Curve

Monitoring of diabetic cats and dogs, usually involves regular glucose curves. This involves several (usually 4-6) blood tests, 3-4 hours apart. These blood tests are used to check the level of glucose in the blood throughout the day and monitor for significant highs and lows. This information is then used to adjust medication as needed. These values can easily be affected by stress and a change in routine.

For many cats and dogs, spending a day in the vet clinic is far too stressful, and in some cases, the patient is too fractious for samples to be collected. The majority of animals are more relaxed at home, meaning the chances of being able to collect a representative sample are much improved.

Each glucose curve will involve 4-5 visits to your house. At each visit, a small blood sample will be collected from your pet – usually from their ear. In the morning, your pet will also be weighed (if under 15kg), and we will discuss any challenges you are facing with administering medication, and the overall health and happiness of your pet.

While glucose curves can be carried out at home, your veterinarian is still an integral part of the monitoring process. Once all samples have been collected, we will email the results to your vet clinic who will decide what changes, if any, will be made to your pet’s insulin dose. They will also decide how frequently your pet needs to have glucose curves. Please check with your veterinarian before booking an at home glucose curve!


The cost for this varies depending on your location. Please contact us for more information.

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