Dog Nail Trims

Dog Nail Trims

Due to breed, age, or lifestyle some dogs do not sufficiently wear down their nails. Long nails are prone to breaking or splitting which can cause pain and require veterinary attention – sometimes even complete removal of the nail! Long nails also change the way your dog walks, reduces traction, causing them to slip more easily and puts pressure on their joints. In particularly chronic cases dog’s toes will become splayed and result in deformities in the toes.

Many dogs – and their owners – find nail trims very stressful. Having us trim your dog’s nails at home provides a calm and safe environment, minimising stress and saving you time!

Whether your dog is friendly, shy, or feisty, we see them all. At your first visit, we will discuss your dog’s temperament and needs while they get used to me in their space and formulate a plan before we begin.


plus a call out fee depending on your location and additional pets are only $15.

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