Sunblock Filta Clear 50g

Sunblock Filta Clear 50g


Do you need an easy to use sunblock for your pet?

Pets with white or light coloured fur, thin coat, or light skin, particularly around ears and noses, are more prone to sunburn. Luckily, Aniwell® FiltaClear® provides a high sun protection up to SPF 27. It has been specifically developed for sensitive skin and can be reapplied up to three times daily if required.

FiltaClear can also be used as a barrier cream. It rubs in nearly clear and contains a bitter agent to minimise licking.


  • Provides high sun protection up to factor SPF 27
  • Contains a bittering agent to minimise licking
  • Developed for sensitive skin
  • Suitable for dogs, cats and horses

Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide Ultra Fine, Dichlorobenzyl, Bronopol BP, Bitrex

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