June Newsletter 2023

Hiccup As many of you already know, our family has grown once again! I blame Nimbus for our most recent foster fail.

Our new family member is one of the kittens from the litter we started fostering in January. The litter of four boys have been with us since they were only one day old. Brothers Bobby, Opie and Jax were all quickly adopted around 10 weeks of age. Our little fellow was held back by some health issues, so while he waited to be ready for adoptions, he bunked with Nimbus for company. It wasn’t long before we realized, the boys had become great friends and we were in danger of adding to the family. The longer Chibbs stayed, the harder it was to imagine the boys not being together.

On the 28th of May he was finally cleared for adoptions and we made it official! As we already have a cat called ‘Tibbs’ we decided to change his name from ‘Chibbs’ to ‘Hiccup’. Hiccup has already been with us for so long, it feels like nothing has changed here.

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