July Newsletter 2023

Preparing for emergencies with your pets. If there is one thing I have learned as a Vet Nurse, it is to hope for the best and plan for the worst.

In general practice, I was always happy to spend an extra 5 minutes preparing emergency drugs, additional surgical equipment or even just a gown when toileting the diarrhea dog to prepare for what could go wrong. In most cases, my preparations were unnecessary, but when it was necessary, it could save a life or my favourite pair of scrubs!

Preparing for an emergency at home is much the same. I hope to never need to use any of emergency preparations, but I feel much better knowing I am ready if anything were to go wrong. The more we have added to our family, the more important this has become. There are dozens of checklists available online which I highly recommend reading if you do not have an emergency plan for your pets (or yourself!). I have included the most important aspects of our emergency plan to give you some ideas. I would be happy to discuss your pet’s emergency plan at their next appointment if you are struggling with any aspect.

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